• Shortlisted Candidates and Interview Schedule

    The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the result of the shortlisted candidates and interview schedule for the following positions as detailed below:

    Shortlisted Candidates for the Post of Extension/Agri/Hort Supervisor II, DoA (9 Posts)
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal MarksRemarksInterview Schedule
    1Sangay Dorji1151500301375.160ShortlistedDate: 30/10/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: DoA Conference Hall
    2Yeshey Wangmo1200400119771.930Shortlisted
    4Chojay Wangdi1071200137068.570Shortlisted
    5Karma Wangda1110800012368.250Shortlisted
    6Rupmeena Biswa1180500351068.130Shortlisted
    7Sangay Zam1200700051668.120Shortlisted
    8Sangay Dorji1110800160967.360Shortlisted
    9Pema Yangzom1190500285666.840Shortlisted
    10Dechen Zangmo1070600081766.510Shortlisted
    11Passang Tshering Shangdan1030800190466.010Shortlisted
    12Hem Lal Pulami1130700373365.980Shortlisted
    13Ugyen Wangchuk1110500150665.900Shortlisted
    14Dechen Wangdi1170300196765.460Shortlisted
    15Rinchen Sonam1090400056565.440Shortlisted
    16Tempa Tshering1090500515665.380Shortlisted
    17Kinley Tenzin1020300180765.250Shortlisted
    18Kusum Rai1121100225064.840ShortlistedDate: 31/10/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: DoA Conference Hall
    19Bhadrika Dulal1130100141864.640Shortlisted
    20Dendup Tshering1110700462264.320Shortlisted
    21Tshewang Norbu1150600612664.150Shortlisted
    22Karma Dechen1160300171763.690Shortlisted
    23Karma Choden1131500064763.620Shortlisted
    24Dechen Dorji1151600186063.370Shortlisted
    25Yeshi Wangmo1070400073763.170Shortlisted
    26Jigme Wangchuk1090400253762.620Shortlisted
    27Kinley Wangmo1141100156262.560Shortlisted
    28Rinchen Dorji1020300324761.890Shortlisted
    29Sangay Thinley1070800063461.740Shortlisted
    30Passang Tamang1121500569761.510Shortlisted
    31Dorji Lhendup1090300298561.150Shortlisted
    32Dorji Wangchuk1160200085160.730Shortlisted
    33Tashi Pelyang1160500341258.020Shortlisted
    Shortlisted Candidates for the Post of Jr. Engineer, CMU Bumthang (2 Posts)
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal MarksRemarksInterview Schedule
    1Karma Dorji1151300494967.470ShortlistedDate: 4/11/2019 Time: 9: AM Venue: DoA Conference Hall
    3Kencho Dorji1200600161966.250Shortlisted
    4Pema Lhendup1150900137666.190Shortlisted
    5Yeshi Rabten1090600036965.980Shortlisted
    6Tshering Tashi1160400217365.520Shortlisted
    7Thinley Wangdi1160300424765.450Shortlisted
    8Milan Limboo1031200039464.910Shortlisted
    9Pema Loday1150800131664.900Shortlisted
    10Sangay Lhamo131200198664.850Shortlisted
    11Sonam Penjor1121000096864.260ShortlistedDate: 5/11/2019 Time: 9: AM Venue: DoA Conference Hall
    12Ugyen Tshering1070500026564.120Shortlisted
    13Tandin Wangchuk1100500122063.870Shortlisted
    14Phuntsho Wangmo1200300168163.810Shortlisted
    15Parbati Biswa1120300221563.380Shortlisted
    16Sonam Jamtsho1151000451063.300Shortlisted
    17Karma Dawa Norbu1150100037863.260Shortlisted
    18Nima Lhamo1090700021363.140Shortlisted
    19Dorji Khandu1200100283363.000Shortlisted
    20Ugyen Dorji1150400005162.880Shortlisted
    Shortlisted Candidates for the Post of Technician I (Automobile), AMC, Paro-1 Post
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal MarksRemarksInterview Schedule
    1Kinzang Wangmo1200700090272.360ShortlistedDate: 6/11/2019 Time: 9.00 AM Venue: DoA conference hall
    2Norbu Tshering1020500399371.910Shortlisted
    3Lhakpa Tshering1191200002169.850Shortlisted
    4Sonam Dorji1071100229269.220Shortlisted
    5Phurba Wangchuk1020500208369.020Shortlisted
    6Yeshi Tenzin1151500214163.800Shortlisted
    7Krishna Ghalley1121300290668.850Shortlisted
    Shortlisted Candidates for the Post of Technician I (Mechanical), NSC, Paro -1 Post
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal Marks RemarksInterview Schedule
    1Abi Narayan Adhikari1110900169562.750ShortlistedDate: 6/11/2019 Time: 9: AM Venue: DoA conference Hall
    2Parsu Ram Mongar111300069458.350Shortlisted
    3Tshoki Lhamo1070900049452.570Shortlisted
    4Sangay Norbu1110700465266.820Shortlisted
    Application for the Post of Regulatory & Quarantine Inspector II (2 Posts)
     NameCIDTotal Marks RemarksInterview Schedule
    1Kinley Lhamo1200800238963.890ShortlistedDate: 6/11/2019 Time: 9: AM Venue: BAFRA conference Hall
    2Pema Lhamo1110400321962.620Shortlisted
    3Subash Rai1130800574762.140Shortlisted
    4Tshering Tobgyel1150300250361.240Shortlisted
    5Chhimi Wangmo1200500309260.180Shortlisted
    6Sonam Dorji1110400166159.940Shortlisted
    7Rinzin Tshomo1071200098659.860Shortlisted
    8Bhakti Man Rai1130500363155.800Shortlisted
    Shortlisted candidates for the Post of Laboratory Assistant II, NSC, BAFRA and NBC (3 Posts)
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal Marks RemarksInterview Schedule
    1Dendup Tshering1110700464069.000ShortlistedDate: 06/11/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: PPD conference Hall
    2Kul Bdr. Limboo1120300441668.900Shortlisted
    3Chime Yezer1151500033268.800Shortlisted
    4Karma Dorji1060100207566.300Shortlisted
    5Karma Dema1151200035066.300Shortlisted
    6Changa Zangmo1160300302666.300Shortlisted
    7Subash Tamang1121500312165.200Shortlisted
    8Budha Bir Maghi1131000021964.500Shortlisted
    9Pema Lhamo1110400321964.200Shortlisted
    10Pema Choki1180700095464.000Shortlisted
    11Mongali Maya Tamang1030600015563.500Shortlisted
    12Pema Choden1111100033662.200Shortlisted
    13Vijay Khati1020500260961.900Shortlisted
    14Karma Dendup1090400085761.700Shortlisted
    15Ugyen Chophel1160300384561.500Shortlisted
    16Tshewang Dorji1151400444161.100ShortlistedDate: 07/11/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: PPD conference Hall
    17Pabitra Ghalley1120400164661.000Shortlisted
    18Cheki Dema1151200076460.900Shortlisted
    19Tashi Tenzin1150500323260.300Shortlisted
    20Pema Yangchen1150800038259.500Shortlisted
    21Jigme Lhendup1160600306959.500Shortlisted
    22Ram Lal Tiwari1110900175357.600Shortlisted
    23Ugyen Dorji1150600085057.300Shortlisted
    24Jampel Dorji1160600075457.200Shortlisted
    25Tshering Dema1160500288057.100Shortlisted
    26Gembo Tshering1070900230556.800Shortlisted
    27Dechen Wangdi1110800005056.600Shortlisted
    28Tenzin Dema1160700273056.400Shortlisted
    29Kezang Nima1070700074955.900Shortlisted
    30Chura Muni Rai1110900448054.300Shortlisted
    Shortlisted candidates for the post of  Livestock Production Supervisor/Feed & Fodder Supervisor/Livestock Health Supervisor/Extension Supervisor, S2 A, 18 Posts
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal MarksRemarksInterview Schedule
    1Yeshi Tshomo1170100163369.190ShortlistedDate: 06/11/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: HRD conference Hall
    2Nima Dorji1070200016068.340Shortlisted
    3Nima Gyelmo1020700136367.580Shortlisted
    4Tshethrim Dorji1150300269464.990Shortlisted
    5Dorji Gyeltshen1070700213464.910Shortlisted
    6Thinley Gyeltshen1150800002864.620Shortlisted
    7Thinley Duba1200700209863.920Shortlisted
    8Kishor Kumar Rai1180800278263.280Shortlisted
    9Kiran Gurung1121400085959.830Shortlisted
    10Dorji Tshering1071100162859.110Shortlisted
    11Ugyen Wangchuk1070500086658.870Shortlisted
    12Sangay Tenzin1060500034658.100Shortlisted
    13Deki Gazom1060100352766.670ShortlistedDate: 07/11/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: HRD conference Hall
    14Tshering Yangzom1080800174364.190Shortlisted
    15Neten Dorji1071500053363.130Shortlisted
    16Thinley Namgay1150600362063.940Shortlisted
    17Pema Choki1150200106465.040Shortlisted
    18Tshering Dema1150200248366.400Shortlisted
    19Cheten Dorji1151500264563.740Shortlisted
    20Bhawana Ghalley1121500244462.640Shortlisted
    Shortlisted Candidates for the Post of Sr. Forester, DoFPS (20 Posts)
    Sl. No.NameCIDQualification RemarksInterview Schedule
    1Sonam Dendup1070900450992.640ShortlistedDate: 04/11/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: HRD conference Hall
    2Tashi Tenzin1110400426989.690Shortlisted
    3Kinzang Dorji1150200135687.070Shortlisted
    4Ugye Wangmo1071000295687.370Shortlisted
    5Tshewang Namgyal1150400092786.910Shortlisted
    6Beli Maya Tiwari1180800078386.830Shortlisted
    7Sonam Dorji1090500472086.070Shortlisted
    8Ugyen Dorji1157400220385.430Shortlisted
    9Dorji Tshewang1130300144083.110Shortlisted
    10Yeshi Dorji1111100092583.050Shortlisted
    11Tshering Tobgay1071200085482.650Shortlisted
    12Pema Dorji1020800091281.100Shortlisted
    13Dorji1020300322180.700ShortlistedDate: 05/11/2019 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: HRD conference Hall
    14Sonam Jamtsho1071200141980.140Shortlisted
    15Thinley Penjor1020300463380.600Shortlisted
    16Lhonam Lenpcha1021100328180.320Shortlisted
    17Dorji Phuntsho1160300154779.870Shortlisted
    18Karma Tenzin1151400346877.850Shortlisted
    19Sangay Dorji1160200050776.800Shortlisted
    20Tshewang Lhendup1120800245475.900Shortlisted
    21Pema Dorji Tamang1180500037475.800Shortlisted
    22Dawa Tamang1181200274874.720Shortlisted
    23Chundu Dorji1020300341071.680Shortlisted
    24Kinley Phunthso1190700098169.950Shortlisted

    The shortlisted candidates are requested to report the selection interview as scheduled above without fail. The following documents must be produced in original during the time of interview:

    1. Original Mark Sheet and Certificates
    2. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate
    3. Valid Security Clearance
    4. Citizenship ID Card
    5. Other Certificate of Experience/Excellence if there is any




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  • World Food Day observed in Sakteng

    October16, Trashigang: The World Food Day (WFD) is observed every year on 16 October to mark the foundation day of FAO since its inception in 1945. The day is also marked to understand the various efforts made by UN organizations like FAO, WFO, UNICEF and WHO towards providing nutritious food for needy ones around the globe during the difficult situations. To mark the day, various events were organised in over 150 countries across the world, making it one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar.

    This year, the day in Bhutan was marked in Sakteng Lower Secondary School, Trashigang with School Agriculture Program (SAP) Annual awards. Around 1600 spectators including students, teachers, government officials, community leaders, farmers, parents and members of UN organizations gathered to mark the day with the global theme, ‘Our actions are our future, healthy diets for zero hunger world,’. The day promoted worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diet for all. WFD is a platform to showcase our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030 as well as to celebrate the progress towards reaching Zero Hunger world.

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  • Bhutan Bird Festival 2019

    Zhemgang Dzongkhag will be organizing a three days “Bhutan Bird Festival” coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo from 11th November 2019 to 13th November 2019 in Tingtibi Town. The festival has eleven enthralling events split into pre-festival, main events and post-festival programs.

    The Bhutan Bird Festival is organized with the main objectives to celebrate birth anniversary of our Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk and pay tribute to His Majesty’s visionary leadership to conservation in Bhutan. Henceforth, the festival will be an annual signature event to promote community-based ecotourism in Zhemgang.

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  • Natural Product Development Facility at Dzedokha village Launched

    21 October, Chukha: The Natural Product Development Facility at Dzedokha village in Loggchina Geog, Chhukha Dzongkhag was inaugurated on 21st October 2019. The event was graced by Dasho Drungpa, Phuntsholing accompanied by Program Director, National Biodiversity Center (NBC), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) and other officials from the Dungkhag and the Ministry.

    The facility was developed in collaboration with the NBC, GEF-UNDP Small Grant Programme and the Dzedokha Phacheng Detshen. The facility is being operated as a social enterprise by three operators identified by the Dzedokha Phacheng Detshen under the Access and Benefit Sharing framework.

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