• Celebrating the Global Tiger Day in Bhutan

    Following the historic event of St. Petersburgh, where the Governments of TRCs and Conservation partners came together to pledge support for doubling the remaining tiger population by the year 2022, the Governments of Range Countries thereafter celebrate July 29 of every year as the Global Tiger Day. This symbolic gesture among the range countries acknowledge that the Tiger is one of the most important indicators of a healthy ecosystem, and failure to reverse declining population trends will result in not only the loss of Tigers, but also a loss of biological diversity throughout Asia, together with tangible and intangible benefits provided by these magnificent cats and the ecosystems they inhabit.

    Recognizing the importance of tiger in Bhutan, like in the past, the Department of Forests & Park Services under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests will be celebrating this year’s tiger day with the theme “Empowering Local Communities for Tiger Conservation” at Norbuling Middle Secondary School, which is located in the buffer zone of Royal Manas National Park, a place also considered to be a hotspot for wild felids particularly the tiger. Tigers in Bhutan have strong affiliation and revolve very closely around the daily lives of the Bhutanese. Some of the common lore on Bhutanese tiger is that the Buddhist saint and teacher, Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism to Bhutan riding on the back of a flying tigress at Taktsang, and several paintings and scrolls in religious centre show tiger as one of the four protector animals in the “Tag Seng Chung Druk” quartet (the other three animals being the mythical Snow Lion, Garuda and Dragon) thereby indicating great reverence of this species in Bhutanese society. Ecologically, it stands at the top of the food chain, and its presence in the Bhutanese forest symbolizes the well-being of many other species living with it including their function to control the population of ungulates like serow, sambhar, barking deer, wild pig and even few primates, otherwise leading to catastrophic events among the Bhutanese farmers.tiger day

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    This is to inform all our esteemed stakeholders that at the “Apple Export Co-ordination Meeting” organized by the Bhutan Exporters Association (BEA) on the 22nd of July 2013 at Peling Hotel in Phuentsholing wherein the Department of Agriculture Marketing & Cooperatives (DAMC) participated; one of the major issue raised was on the sale of early apples in the Indian borders which is reported to be negatively affecting the price of apples both at the early stage as well as at the time of export.

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  • Vacancy Announcement: Farm Attendants under ESP category

    RNR RDC Wengkhar is pleased to invite applications from the Bhutanese nationals for the post of 4 Nos. Farm Attendants under ESP category for RDC Wengkhar & RDSC Lingmethang/ Khangma.

    The interested candidates may apply to the Program Director, RDC Wengkhar latest by 20th. August, 2013 fulfilling the following criteria mentioned below:

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  • Bhutan Ecological Society Environmental Fair & Research Symposium on 12 July 2013 at Clock Tower Square, Thimphu

    The Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) ishosting its First Annual Environmental Fair & Research Symposium on 21 July 2013 (9AM – 8PM) at Clock Tower Square, Thimphu. This public benefit program will comprise several concurrent events, including exhibition stalls set up by various governmental and non-governmental organizations, an all-day children’s arts and crafts program, a recycled art contest including 31 invited schools, and an evening open-air film screening of Bhutan’s best environment and wildlife films. On the same day, in the adjacent Druk Hotel, all interested persons are invited for a research poster exhibition anda full day of research presentationsin seven focus areas:

    • Sustainable Livelihoods
    • Waste Management
    • Energy Resources
    • Biodiversity Conservation
    • Water Resources
    • Climate Change
    • Agriculture Science

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