Open Competition within MoAF for Post of Trade Attaché at Kolkata

The Department of Agricultural Marketing & Cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce one vacancy for the post of Trade Attaché, for a fixed duration of three (3) years at:

  1. The Royal Bhutanese Consulate, Kolkata, India

Interested eligible candidates are requested to submit their application along with CV to the Chief HR Officer, Human Resource Division on or before October 11, 2019.

Here are the details of eligibility and shortlisting and selection criteria and the full Terms of Reference:


In view of the increasing trade and foreign relation between Bhutan and foreign countries and in particular with the neighbouring country India, the Govt had approved the postings of trade attaché from the MoAF in Kolkata.  The objective of such postings was and is to promote trade relations, facilitate trading between India and Bhutan so as to boost Bhutanese exports of agricultural commodities to India. The erstwhile AMS of the MoAF and the current DAMC has the mandate to cater to the marketing and trading needs of the country both domestic as well as for exports for RNR products.

The placement of trade attaché at the India has so far been very instrumental in facilitating the agricultural trade from Bhutan to India.  Given the current priority and focus on agriculture commercialization, the attache will have even greater roles to play to help realize these objectives.   The agricultural exports have seen a gradual increase over the years and in particular the vegetables exports to India has increased drastically because of the importers coming in from nearby Indian states of West Bengal and Assam. In the current scenario where Bhutanese produce such as apple are facing stiff competition in terms of prices and quality from Chinese produce, it is vital that a staff from DAMC be placed in India.

The Trade Attaché also needs to deliver the overall trade facilitation responsibilities besides focusing on the agricultural trade. It is therefore appropriate that a person with marketing background who knows the marketing issues, needs and priorities of our country be preferred. As such, the post has to be filled in through open competition following the BCSR 2018 and will be treated as transfer for fixed terms of three years non extendable.

Posts available:

  1. Trade Attaché at Royal Bhutan Consulate (RBC) at Kolkata, WB, India for three years

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Should fulfill the provisions Transfer Chapter of the BCSR 2018
  2. Served at least 10 years under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
  3. Should be at P3 to P1 level of the PCS
  4. Minimum of degree in related fields and subjects.
  5. No objection certificate from parent organization
  6. Work experience related to Agricultural marketing will be preferred

Terms and Condition:

The selected candidate should abide by the following terms and conditions besides the specific job responsibilities assigned by the concerned offices of RBC Kolkata

  1. Should be attached with DAMC for at least for two weeks prior to taking up the post if the incumbent is from outside DAMC
  2. Should report to DAMC on the work performance besides the other reporting protocol of the concern office in RBC and RBE
  3. Submit regular report to DAMC in additional to the reports to MoFA and MoEA
  4. Previous post of the incumbent will be not protected.
  5. If no vacancy, the incumbent has to find suitable vacant post in MoAF and if not available after 6 months, will report to RCSC for further placement.
  6. The selection to these posts will not result in promotion.

General ToR of Trade Attache:

The Trade Attache is responsible for facilitating the Bhutanese and Indian traders in marketing and trading of Bhutanese products.

  1. Facilitate Bhutanese firms in promoting assured market outlets for Bhutanese farm produce including organic products;
  2. Facilitate the promotion of Bhutanese products (Brand Bhutan) in the Indian market through information dissemination, sample distribution and organization of agricultural fairs and exhibitions;
  3. Explore and establish marketing outlets to support agro-based cottage and small industries;
  4. Conduct market studies in India, especially North Eastern India to enhance agricultural trade;
  5. Facilitate promotion of Economic Development Policy (EDP) & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);
  6. Facilitate promotion of other forms of business collaboration with India;
  7. Coordinate visits of trade/business delegations;
  8. Strengthen existing trade relations with India under the framework of Bilateral Trade Agreement with India, SAFTA, BIMSTEC and WTO;
  9. Work closely with various Indian business houses and liaise them to Bhutanese exporters
  10. Liaison and protocol works
  11. Any other tasks assigned by their respective offices.

For clarifications please contact at 02-335647 during office hours.


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