One Stop Livestock Shop inaugurated in Sarpang

The One Stop Livestock Shop being inaugurated by the Director of DoL
The One Stop Livestock Shop being inaugurated by the Director of DoL

26 March, Sarpang: The One Stop Livestock Shop of Sarpang Poultry Layer Cooperative was formally inaugurated by Dr. Tashi Samdup, the Director for the Department of Livestock (DoL). With this, the members are expected to reap and harness the best out of it and be a role model for the farmers in the country.

During the inaugural, the Director applauded the contributions made by the cooperative members to support the government effort to gear towards livestock products self-sufficiency. He further stressed the need to work harder and as a team to tackle the various challenges of the livestock sector, be it at the Department level/field level or at the farm level. He reiterated that in this era of rapid modernisation and globalisation, collective efforts and group working as cooperatives have become a key tool to achieve success.

The Director also mentioned that the Department is fully committed in working closely with the farmers and shall support them in every best possible way to gear Bhutan towards self-sufficiency in poultry and its products.

The Members of the Layer and Broiler Cooperatives with Dr. Tashi Samdup, Director, DoL
The Members of the Layer and Broiler Cooperatives with Dr. Tashi Samdup, Director, DoL

The shop was rented by the cooperative member themselves which is a very proactive initiative and the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector in order to facilitate the members to sell their eggs directly to the consumers without being exploited by the middleman. The shop shall also cater as office of the Poultry Layer Cooperative and through the shop; the members also want to sale poultry equipments and feed at lower rates compared to the existing market rate.  Such interventions would benefit the farmers through a lower cost of production per egg thereby benefitting the consumers as well.

The farmers expressed their thanks to DoL and the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC) for providing them with the required inputs and services without which they were handicapped. According to the Cooperative members, due to the successful poultry farming; today, they could build decent houses, drive cars and send their children for higher studies both within and abroad.  They now wish that their poultry and its products becomes a brand in each and every corner of the country at an affordable price by five years down the line.

During the inauguration of the one stop shop, the members from both the layer and broiler cooperatives were awarded the Registration Certificate. In total, 78 farmers were awarded the Farm Registration Certificate and till date around 184 farms have been registered with the National Poultry Development Centre (NPDC). The 11th Five Year Plan’s target is to register 750 poultry farms. The farm registration is being done mainly to link the farms directly with NPDC, whereby the day-old-chicks production can be planned and scheduled in accordance with the number of stocking capacity of that particular registered farm as indicated in the registration form. Through the farm registration, the poultry farms shall be streamlined to ensure uniformity of poultry house and design, product quality and bio-security measures.

Reported by Towchu Rabgay, Livestock Officer/Media Focal, DoL

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