Old Flow Analyser replaced after 26 years at NSSC

The new Flow Analyser set up at SPAL

Thimphu: The Director for Department of Agriculture, Kinlay Tshering inaugurated the setup of the new Flow Analyser, SAN++ System at the Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory (SPAL) of the National Soil Services Centre (NSSC).

The much needed new Analyser was procured with funding support from the European Union through the Rural Development and Climate Change Response Programme. The analytical equipment which costs EURO: 73,715.00 procured from the Skalar Company in the Netherlands, replaced the old unit that was procured in 1992 with EU budget support.

The old Flow Analyser has delivered services beyond its normal lifespan that any machine could perform. Although, it is said to be replaced, the old instrument will still continue to function and analyse plant samples while the new unit will take on the much harder responsibility of analysing soil samples. The Flow Analyser is the most important and one of the major equipment in the laboratory as it is capable of analysing numerous parameters in both soil and plant samples.

NSSC would like to thank the Ministry and the Department for necessary support.


Submitted by SPAL, NSSC



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