In continuation to letter No. HRD/MoAF/SEC/2/4484 dated 29 May, 2013 and as discussed during the 183rd and 184th HRC Meeting, the Departments/Agencies are once again requested to adhere to the following procedures while proposing the training nominations. The Departments/agencies shall not submit eleventh hour proposal training nominations to avoid unnecessary mistakes/lapses by the HRMD.

In order to avoid such lapses and also in compliance to the BCSR 2012 training rules, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests hereby once again informed all concerned Departments/Agencies to follow the following prescribed procedures:


Short term training:

  1. Counterpart training
  2. Attachment and Internship
  3. Study Tour/Institutional Visit
  4. Certificate and Diploma
  5. Seminar/Workshop exceeding five days
  • Documents: Audit Clearance, Security Clearance, In-Service Training Form.
  • Obligation: Six months gap from the last formal training before 2 weeks from the time of training commencement date.

Others: Meeting, Conference, etc.


  • The proposal should reach HRD on Friday of every advanced week to be eligible for put up in the HRC (following Tuesday). Late proposals if any shall be automatically retained for put up in the next HRC.
  • In the event of unavoidable situations like if the Program Start date falls prior to the next immediate HRC meeting the concerned agency shall arrange to seek Hon’ble Secretary’s provisional approval, if approved the proposal shall be put up in the HRC for ratification.
  • Training proposal shall be processed through formal agenda as per nomination format which shall be routed through Ministry’s HRD and not at the last moment.
  • Budget and 20% of DSA should be finalized from the concerned AFD/Accounts Section before submission to HRD with appropriate budget head clearly reflected and thereafter any claim after the HRC shall not be considered.
  • Nomination without formal invitation letter from the concerned Head of Institution/organizer will not be put up to HRC. Email correspondence shall not be considered formal invitation letter.
  • Formal invitation letter should address to the Head of Department and Non-departmental agencies and invitation letter address to individual name (except departmental and non-departmental heads) will not be considered.
  • Department/Agencies should rationalize on the frequency of a civil servants training/ex-country travel.
  • Any nominations to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for endorsement, political and visa clearance shall be made only after obtaining the prior approval of the HRC.
  • Any official/team who attends any meeting/seminars/workshops/training outside the country should submit back-to-office report to the respective departments/ agencies upon joining the office in order to update the outcomes/follow-ups of the meeting/seminar/workshops etc and avoid unnecessary communication gaps on the subject attended.

This is issued for kind compliance and adherence.



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