NPPC website on Pests of Bhutan Launched

Hon'ble MoAF Minister browsing the website after lauching
Hon’ble MoAF Minister browsing the website after launching

12 May 2017, Thimphu: The Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji today launched the National Plant Protection Centre website on Sharing Plant Protection Resources of Bhutan. The website relates three interconnected products- Document retention (google drive): Help Bhutan build on what has been done before; National Plant Pest Database: Technical resource capturing 30+ years of knowledge on pests in Bhutan (> 200 person-years of work) and Pests of Bhutan Website: Provides the public access to the latest information on identification and management of the most important pests (insects, pathogens, weeds, vertebrate pests) in Bhutan.

The National Plant Pest Database is a single-source for knowledge capture and curation based on the idea that knowing what you have is the foundation of plant biosecurity. The database helps establish and maintain international trade; risk assessment for imports; improves domestic biosecurity system; response to new incursions; prioritising R&D activities; informing extension activities; and for directing surveillance activities.

Some of the most damaging pests in Bhutan are- among the invertebrates– Chinese fruitfly, citrus psyllid, PTM; and among the pathogens- Apple scab, chilli blight, late blight, cardamom blight, ginger rhizome rot, hunglongbing (citrus greening) and foorkey disease.

The website address is

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