Notification on the “Animal Tshethar Practices in the country”

Considering the growing trend in the practice of Tshethar activities in the country, the Ministry would like to inform the general public to abide by the following norms to minimize the impact of Tshethar animals on the environment, crops, incidences of disease spread as well as to ensure welfare of the Tshethar animals. As per the Guideline on Animal Tshethar Practices 2018, any individual or Tshethar Tshogpa interested in taking up the Tshethar practices must:

  1. Register as Non Government Organization with the Civil Society Organization Authority.
  2. Register their animal shelter meant for Tshethar purpose with the local government prior to taking up any Tshethar
  3. The animal shelter should have provision for adequate feed and fodder and water for animals.
  4. The number of animals allowed for Tshethar shall be based on the carrying capacity of animal shelter.
  5. Tshethar animals should be properly identified with proper identification marks.
  6. Any movement of Tshethar animals from one Dzongkhag to another must be done with prior approval from BAFRA Office.
  7. Tshethar Tshogpa should appoint caretaker to take care of the Tshethar animals in the shelter.
  8. The import of animals for the purpose of Tshethar is strictly prohibited.
  9. Purchase of Tshethar animals must be done in presence of BAFRA or Department of Livestock officials.

Any individual or Tshethar Tshogpa interested in taking up the Tshethar practices henceforth, must abide by these norms. Tshethar animals in the animal shelter shall be subjected to regular monitoring and any non-compliance will be dealt as per the Livestock Rules and Regulation of Bhutan 2017.

General public or the Tshethar Tshogpas are requested to extend full cooperation.


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