The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) would like to inform all concerned Food Business Operators/Establishments/Food Manufacturers, that perishable and high risk food items such as bakery products etc. are being displayed in Retail shops for longer duration without maintaining the required storage condition. This is a serious Food safety concern, as these products are highly susceptible to quick spoilage and could cause serious food poisoning.

Therefore, BAFRA would like to notify all Food Manufacturers/Food Business Operators within the country that such high risk food products must be stored within required storage temperature (15 °C – 20° C), which should clearly be prescribed on the product label. Bakery items containing custards, meat or, vegetables, frostings made of cream cheese, whipped cream or, eggs etc. must be kept under recommended refrigeration condition (1.6°C – 3.3°C).

Henceforth, BAFRA will check the storage of the above said Food items during the routined inspection of the shops/Food establishments. Strict necessary action will be taken on the defaulters as per the existing Rules and Norms.

This is issued for strict compliance.



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