The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests would like to notify the Food Business Operators that all prepackaged food intended for sale in the country must be labelled either in English or Dzongkha as per the Food Act of Bhutan 2005 and its Regulations. Further, the prepackaged food label must have the following minimum labelling requirements as per the Bhutan Standard for Labelling of Prepackaged Food:

  1. Name of the food
  2. List of ingredients
  3. Net content
  4. Name and address of manufacturer
  5. Country of origin
  6. Lot identification or batch number
  7. Manufacturing date
  8. Expiry/Best before date

The above mentioned labelling requirements will be implemented strictly nationwide with effect from January 1, 2018. Therefore, the general public and all the Food Business Operators are requested to render their full support and cooperation in the implementation of the labelling provisions. This is being implemented to provide informed choices to the consumers while purchasing the food so that consumers are not misled and also in the interest of food safety.

Defaulters shall be dealt as per the Food Act of Bhutan 2005 and its Regulations.



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