Notification: Import of Pets

Of late, some individuals have been advertising the sale of all types of imported breed of dogs/cats in the Social media particularly in Facebook (B – bay – Buying & Selling). Pursuant to Section 8.2 of the Livestock Act of Bhutan 2001 and Section 39 of the Livestock Rules& Regulation 2008, the import of animal notably pet dogs/cats for any purpose (commercial or, personal) shall be imported only with prior Import Permit issued by Regulatory Authority (BAFRA),upon fulfillment of certain conditions prescribed therein. Any breach on this requirement is considered as illegal and will be dealt as per the provisions of the above-mentioned Act.

At present, there is no Registered Pet Dogs/Cats Importer for commercial purpose in Bhutan and any individuals wishing to import and/or, sell are advised to seek Prior Import Permit from BAFRA. Those customers wishing to buy pet animals within the country should first verify that the seller has Import Permit, In-country Movement Permit & Health Certificate as required by Livestock Act of Bhutan 2001 or,call BAFRA Toll Free No. 155 or, inform nearest BAFRA office to verify the authenticity of the Business Entity before purchasing the pet or, placing the order to purchase.

This is issued in the interest of the country’s Bio-security.



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