As all staffs under the Ministry are aware that the Annual Asset Declaration starts from 1st February to 31st March, 2016, the Asset Administrator would like to request all to kindly check the status of your declaration by visiting The declarants should follow-up regarding the declaration unless the status shows verified and accepted, if not the AD focal shall not be liable for the return declaration. The lists of officials whose declarations have been returned are attached herewith for resubmission.

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For those of you, who have not declared your asset till date, AFD would like to remind once again to declare your asset at the earliest to avoid penalties. As per chapter VI, clause 45 of Asset declaration Rules 2012, “If a covered person fails to declare or provide complete information under these Rules after expiry of a month after the due date with out reasonable justifications, he or she shall be levied a fine equivalent to one day’s daily minimum national wage every day until such failure subsists”


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