Notice for Exporters and Entrepreneurs interested in exporting Vegetables/Asparagus to Bangladesh

The following documents are required for vegetable export to Bangladesh:
  1. Invoice with every shipment stating actual quantity & price (Proforma Invoice needs to be sent by exporting entity in Bhutan for banking purposes before consignment is approved for shipment. Please make a Proforma Invoice for 1,000 kgs which will cover the full season from now to end July 2014)
  2. Packing list to be sent with every shipment stating quantity
  3. Import Permit  (to be procured by importer from Bangladesh on receiving the Proforma Invoice)
  4. Phytosanitary Certificate (issued by BAFRA)
  5. PI (Proforma Invoice)
  6. Quarantine Certificate (to be issued by BAFRA)
  7. Need scanned copy of Airway bill, Invoice and Packing list before goods are actually airfreighted for pre-assessment with Bangladesh Customs)


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