New Species Record for Bhutan

Chinese Pond Heron ( Ardeola bacchus )
Chinese Pond Heron ( Ardeola bacchus )

The Chinese Pond Heron ( Ardeola bacchus ) was spotted by the team of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary during their regular high altitude patrolling duty at Singye Dzong. The Chinese Pond Heron is a freshwater bird of the heron family  (Areidae).

As per the literature, the Chinese Pond Heron is 47 cm long with white wings, a yellow bill with black tip, yellow eyes and legs. They usually feed on insects and fish.

The species is considered as fairly common by IUCN. However, the species is sighted for the first time in the country as the presence of species was not recorded in any published documents in Bhutan.

– Submitted by : Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary.

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