New sighting of Lapland Bunting at Dungzam, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

Lapland Bunting sighted by on the log along the Kulung Chhu river basin
Lapland Bunting sighted on the log along the Kulung Chhu river basin

The Lapland Longspur/Lapland Bunting (Calcarrius lapponicus) is a robust bird, with a thick yellow seed-eater’s bill. During summer, male has a black head and throat, white eye stripe, chestnut nape, white underparts, and a heavily streaked black-grey back. Other plumages have a plainer orange-brown head, a browner back and chestnut nape and wing panels. IUCN Status: Least concerned.

From the inception of the wildlife sanctuary in 1998, the management has executed bird survey several times for the entire jurisdiction of BWS, but not encountered this bird species for last two decades by staff or surveyors.

On 21st February 2014 coinciding with the celebration of Asian Waterbird Counting Day in Bhutan, Mr. Tshering Chophel, Forester of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary attached to Dungzam Range Office has recorded the above bird species from Dowaling ju (i.e Black-necked Crane Roosting Area) under Bumdeling gewog. The day was observed by watching the bird species along the Kulung chhu river basin from Dungzam to Kangteng. The bird was sighted on the dead log near the bee hives in solitary. Mr. Tshering Chophel has observed same bird in same place for almost a week. The bird was not seen in same place and even the bee hives was removed.

The bird species is new record for BWS and as well as in Bhutan.

Location Details:

Name of area: Dawaling Ju,

Village: Ngalimang

Elevation: 1960masl

GPS Coordinates: N-27040’26.0”/ E-091026’26.5”

Habitat Type: Island filled with Sand Deposits, dead logs, debris, Forest Type: Mixed Broadleaved Forest.


Submitted by Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Trashiyangtse

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