NCAN supplies fodder chuff cutters to Dairy Farmers

 Receiving new stock of fodder chaff cutter machines
Receiving new stock of fodder chaff cutter machines

5th November, Bumthang: As an effort towards efficient fodder resources utilisation to sustain dairy farming in the country, the National Center for Animal Nutrition (NCAN), Bumthang under Department of Livestock (DoL) has supplied 61 fodder chuff cutter machines to potential dairy farmers of seven Dzongkhags of Bumthang, Chukkha, Dagana, Paro, Samtse, Sarpang and Trashiyangtse.

With this crucial support to livestock farmers, it is expected to address fodder shortage problem in the country through optimum fodder resources utilisation and minimal wastage. These machines are supplied at subsidised rate wherein farmers are paying 40 percent and 60 percent of the total cost is borne by the Government.

The NCAN spent around Ngultrum one million through RGOB funding within this financial year to procure fodder chuff cutter machines. However, the centre is still not in the position to fulfill the demands but will supply in next financial year if the fund is secured.

By NCAN, Bumthang

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