Monsoon Hampers MAGIP activities in Merak and Sakteng

A Bridge gave way to the heavy monsoon rainfall
A Bridge gave way to the heavy monsoon rainfall

This year, Merak and Sakteng geogs are experiencing unprecedented rainfall all these days. Almost every day it is raining cats and dog’s here. Every streams, rivers and gullies are over flown with rain water and debris. Villages look like a floating town, with water oozing out from every small openings and faults.

Roads and trails are disrupted, bridges are washed away and travel to Sakteng has become extremely unpleasant.

Three cantilever bridges out of nine constructed by Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary with funding from MAGIP has been washed away.

Without the only bridge at Tholong, commuters from Sakteng and Phongmay are stranded at either side of the bank hoping for its early restoration. If this trend of rainfall continues, fates of the remaining bridges are also very uncertain.

Trail leading to Sakteng at Sonapang has also become very unstable for the commuter to travel. A part of the trail has been damaged by heavy surface runoff due to improper drainage along farm road. People virtually crawl for some distance upward to reach the main road. Porter and pony cannot make this steep trail because of risky condition

This unpredictable weather has hampered the progress of our MAGIP supported activities. The materials supplied to the communities of Sakteng for development of home-stay and poly-house through agro-tourism initiative has not yet reached their destination.

Development of 46 household to Home-stay’s and installing 32 nos. of poly-house were supposed to be completed by the end of July, 2014

Continuous rainfall has hampered the progress of the work and left us with no choice but to discontinue until proper restoration of the damaged trails and bridges.


By: Mr. Kezang Jigme, MAGIP project co-ordinator, Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

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