Ministry is the first to sign APA with Hon’ble PM

The Hon’ble Prime Minister (PM), Dr. Lotay Tshering signed the first annual performance agreement (APA) for the fiscal year 2019-2020 with the Hon’ble Lyonpo, Yeshey Penjor, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests on August 8.

The Ministry this year aims to enhance food and nutrition security, improve the rural economy and promote sustainable management and utilisation of natural resources through increased production and strengthened infrastructures among others. The Ministry has a budget of Nu. 3.2 billion budget to achieve its objectives.

APA is signed to ensure clarity about annual priorities, provide an objective and fair basis for evaluating the overall performance. Prior to the APA signing, the targets were reviewed to streamline the activities taken up by the Ministry are achievable.

The APA was also signed between the Agriculture Secretary and Heads of the departments and agencies to ensure the achievements of respective activities.

The Department of Agriculture will focus to increase crop production, generate and promote climate-resilient agriculture technologies, promote organic farming and agriculture enterprise development, and enhance farm infrastructures.

The Department of Forests and Park Services have agreed to enhance the management of natural resources and climate smart and disaster resilient development, improve livelihood of highlanders, enhance RNR-marketing and value chain and urban and agro-forestry landscape management among others.

The Department of Livestock will enhance livestock input production, improve and sustain livelihood of highlanders and livestock farmers, strengthen livestock research and extension services, enhance animal health and nutrition services, promote climate-smart livestock farming practices and RNR enterprise development and value chain management.

The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives will focus to establish value chain for RNR products, promote farmers group and cooperatives, improve domestic trade, promote RNR-based enterprises, create employment opportunities and facilitate institutional linkages between schools/hospitals and farmers among others.

The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority will enhance food safety, strengthen plant and animal biosecurity and biosafety, and achieve organic objectives among others.

The Secretariat (Directorates Services, National Biodiversity Centre, Policy and Planning Division and Rural Development Training Centre) will focus to enhance capacity of youths and farming communities, strengthen human resource management, enhance sustainable utilisation of ecosystem, and strengthen policy and legislation and RNR ICT services among others.


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