Mastiff Dog Exhibition (Bjopchi)

UntitledThe first ever dog show/exhibition held in Bhutan was oragnized by Thimphu Dzongkhag in Soe and Lingshi geog. The dog show/exhibition was focused on the declining breed of our native Mastiff dog (Bjopchi). This activity was supported by Department of livestock under the Highland Development Programme which very well fits in the indicators set for the program.

The show was conducted in Soe geog on the 8 October and 12 October in Lingzhi geog. The objectives for conducting such exhibition are to conserve Mastiff dog (Bjopchi), create awareness and importance of mastiff breed, de-worming and vaccination of Dogs, encourage Highlanders to Breed good quality Mastiff and alternative source of income generation.

A total of 136 dogs were showcased during the two days exhibition. Prizes were awarded in three categories (Male, Female and Puppy). Incentives were given to the participants for bringing their dog to the exhibition. In Lingshi geog from 100 dogs, 70 were selected to have the bloodline and in Soe geog from 36 dogs, 10 were selected to have the bloodline. Similar activity will be carried out in the other Highland Dzongkhags. The Department of Livestock with the information and data collected will make an appropriate mastiff (Bjopchi) breeding plan.

Submitted by : Namgay Dorji, Head IMS, DoL

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