Mass Sterilisation and Vaccination Programme 2014

The MoU signing between the Thimphu Thromde and Department of Livestock

16 August, Thimphu: The Community Animal Birth Control was launched at the Clock Tower. Addressing the audience, the Chief Guest, Dasho Tenzin Dhendup, the Agriculture Secretary highlighted the importance of scientific dog population management and lauded the joint initiatives of the Department of Livestock (DoL) and Thimphu Thromde to curb this social nuisance in a humane manner. While further reiterating the importance of joint collaboration and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing, the Thimphu Thrompon, Dasho Kinley Dorji requested for public support to make the event successful.

The MoU between DoL and Thimphu Thromde was signed to make the Mass Dog Sterilisation and Vaccination Programme an annual event and have a mechanism in place to have continuity of the programme throughout the year for a period of three years with clear cut terms of reference for all the stakeholders. The impotance of having such a MoU is that it can be emulated by other Thromdes in future and the interested local authorities can take up the ownership of the programme.

Based on the MoU, the Thimphu Thromde extends its full support to raise awareness during “Tuesday: Love your Dog day” in the Thromde areas so that people can bring in dogs for sterilisation and vaccination at the National Animal Hospital (NAH), Chubachu. Further, during Fridays, the Thromde has pledged mobility and dog catchers to catch free roaming dogs from the Thromde areas and bring for spay/neuter to help a sustainable dog population management throughout the year.

The official launch of the programme has begun today i.e. 18 August at NAH and will be continued till 6 September.

As a monitoring and evaluation tool, the Thromde and DoL will be carrying out both pre and post scientific dog population survey in Thimphu to ensure the success of the mass programme and the mop up operation in the long run.

-Submitted by Dr. Hiruka Mahat, National Centre for Animal Health, Serbithang

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