Mass Dog Sterilization & Vaccination Campaign underway

27 Aug- 24 Sept, Paro: The Regional Livestock Development Centre Tsimasham, Dzongkhag Livestock Sector Paro and National Dog Population Management & Rabies Control Project, NCAH Serbithang is conducting a month long community animal birth control program (CABC). The program is targeted to tackle the over population crisis in Paro Dzongkhag by working closely with community to advocate responsible pet ownership and to encourage community to adopt free roaming dogs in their community by feeding, caring and welfare by having them sterilized and vaccinated. The ongoing program was coordinated and consulted among the relevant stakeholders (geog administration, resorts, hoteliers, business community, agencies & municipal) by giving them ownership of community animal birth control and involving them during catching of free roaming community dogs.

The increase trend of dog population over a year triggered many issues like increase of dog bite cases in children, tourist, livestock species and also social nuisances like disturbances, solid waste management issues. The one day consultation meeting was attended by Dasho Dzongdag, relevant stakeholders, RLDC, RNR-ECs and Dzongkhag livestock sector to mainly discuss the implementation modalities.

The count is done before the campaign to know the proportion counts of ear notched and ear un-notched dogs. The ear notched signifies that the dog already sterilized (neutered) and vaccinated. This indicator count before and after the campaign will estimate the percentage of coverage and evaluate the progress at the end.

Team of veterinarians, para-veterinarians and trained NDPM (HSI-NCAH) nurses were involved in carrying out the sterilization and vaccination. Daily an average of 60-70 dogs were sterilized & vaccinated. The program also includes survey on heartworm prevalence in dogs and endo-parasitic screening.

The program was funded by Regional Livestock Development Centre Tsimasham, NCAH Thimphu, relevant stakeholders and Dzongkhag livestock sector Paro. The ongoing campaign is in full swing with support from Geog administration and local agencies.

Submitted by RLDC Tsimasham


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