MAGIP Supervision Mission

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) supervision mission is in the country for a 4-week joint supervision mission from 5 – 30 November 2013. An annual event, the upcoming supervision mission will particularly assess progress made since the last mission (Nov 2012) particularly following the recommendations of the mid-term review (MTR). The mission would also re-examine the proposal for extension of the project by 18 months as well as the concept note for a new project proposed by the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) to IFAD. The mission would further review the post-MTR issues and activities that the project needs to address in order to achieve its development objectives. Finally, selected members of the mission would visit a sample of remote villages to examine and focus on component 1 activities.

MAGIP’s objective is to alleviate rural poverty and enhance standards of living and food security of poor rural households in the six eastern dzongkhags of Lhuentse, Mongar, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, Trashigang and Trashiyangtse to achieve a sustained reduction in the poverty of over 4,000 poor households (as per appraisal) through livestock and crop development and marketing. Also road and irrigation work will provide additional beneficiaries, the number dependent on location. The total costs of USD 13.5 million are financed by an IFAD loan of USD 8.49 million, an IFAD grant of USD 2.0 million, a Government contribution of USD 1.99 million, beneficiaries contribution of USD 0.86 million, and  a grant from SNV of USD 171,000. The IFAD loan and grant became effective in 22nd April 2011 and project completion date was 22nd April 2015, a total of four years. However the MTR based on the financial and physical achievements to date, conducted during Nov 4 – Dec 5, 2012, proposed an 18 month extension subject to approval of RGOB and IFAD.

Concurrently the ministry of agriculture and forests (MoAF) and MAGIP in particular takes this opportunity to welcome Mr. Benoit Thierry, the incoming IFAD Country Programme Manager (CPM) is in the country from 05 to 15 November. Among others, Mr. Benoit’s objectives during this visit are to, a) acquaint with the country program for different objectives, b) call on partners, RGoB officials, development partners and United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) c) familiarize on MAGIP programs and visit MAGIP sites and d) discuss further on the new IFAD project ideas (RGoB’s share of contribution). Mr. Benoit Thierry took over from Mr. Nigel Brett as the CPM for Bhutan in June 2013. Besides Bhutan, Mr. Benoit looks after Nepal and Thailand IFAD projects in the region.

The mission team comprises of the following:

a)   Mr. Benoit Thierry, CPM, IFAD

b)   Mr. Harry Franks, Team Leader [Project Management, Rural Finance and M&E]

c)   Mr. Vincent Darlong, IFAD ICO [NRM and M&E]

d)   Mr Pratul Dube, IFAD Consultant [Loan Admin, Procurement, Audit & Accounts]

e)   Mr. Richard Allen,  IFAD Consultant , [Livelihoods and Farming System Specialist]

f)    Ms Tshering Choden,  IFAD consultant (Socio-Economics)

The mission team will be supported by the project officials, sector managers (SMs), departmental focal points (FPs), project dzongkhags, central agencies in the region and development partners (SNV) among others during the field visits, meetings with farmers/farmer groups and regional implementing partners.

The wrap-up meeting with RGoB to be chaired by Hon’ble Secretary, MoAF will be convened on 28 Nov 2013 during which agreed actions, important recommendations and changes to project programs and cost would be discussed and agreed for approval from both parties.  The meeting will be attended by the members of the project steering committee (PSC), project officials, SMs, SNV and relevant development partners to the project. The project coordination unit (PCU) MAGIP is coordinating the mission programs on behalf of the project. The mission formally concludes on 30 Nov 2013.

Submitted by: Mr. Sangay Wangdi, Project Director, MAGIP

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