Maedtsho Dairy Farmers retrains Animal Husbandry Management Practices

 Lhuentse: Good management farming practices help a sustainable production and play an important role in the enhancement of rural livelihood. Considering this, in order to translate the real scientific dairy management practices in field level and reap maximum dairy production, the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector organised the training on animal husbandry management practices for 34 farmers (28 females & 6 males) from December 1-4.

The training helped farmers to better understand the importance of clean milk production and types of milking techniques through sessions on milk, public health, scientific dairy management practices and winter fodder conservation technology. It was funded by CARLEP, Wengkhar

Twenty five years old, Northrul Lhamo, one of the early school leavers from Gortsum village said that attending training and learning such kind of important topics will help her ensure modern dairy management practices and produce clean and quality milk products.  “I have also learnt how to handle a milking cow, process and package products hygienically along with winter fodder conservation technology which are very useful”, she added.

To revive and strengthen the existing dairy group, Maedtsho Etho Mentho Norla Detshen which was formed in 2015, the Sector will soon trained them on farm record keeping and revisit their group by-laws.

Reported by Phurpa Tshering, Assist. Dzongkhag Livestock Officer and Nima Tshering, Livestock Extension Agent, Lhuentse


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