Livestock Sector, Lhuentse Working Continued Towards Sustainable Dairy Production.

115.05.2017, Lhuentse: With the objectives of sustainable dairy production to enhance rural livelihoods and increase import substitute of dairy products the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Lhuentse is working continued towards promotion of dairy farming activity. For the fiscal year 2017-2018 alone we have procured 55 heads of high milking cattle to the dairy groups such as Tangmachu, Minjey, Jarey and Ney. The dairy cows (Jersey) were in-sourced from various Dzogkhags to Lhuenste farmers through providing 30% subsidy, cattle insurance and availing loan from Rural Enterprise Development Cooperation Limited (REDCL).

Currently, with this program reinforce there is an observed substantial increase in milk products such as butter and cheese available found in the locality by dairy group farmers. In-sourcing of dairy cattle would not only found the significant changes in socio-economic life of the rural farmers but it has also directly impacts on import substitute of dairy products from neighbouring countries.

In order to produce clean and quality milk production, and adoption of stall feeding techniques this FY 2017-2018 farmers of Lhuentse have come up construction of 135 improved cow sheds. For the construction of hygienic dairy cow shed the sector has been supplying of cement and roofing materials as a subsidy to encourage them to practice the scientific dairy management farming. Promotion of abundant feed and fodder grasses to the milking cattle is much concern in the aspect of productivity. Thus, 31 households have been provided barbed wire pasture land fencing to enhance all round fodder production.

To achieve the target of overall aspect of sustainability of dairy production the sector had been organized various training program on farm managements, records keeping, winter fodder conservation technologies and breed improvement measures were instigated to increase milk production. At present Lhuentse Dzogkhag has three active operating dairy farmers groups namely Minjey, Tangmachu and Meadtsho Dairy Groups.

These activities have been implemented with the funding support from CARLEP-IFAD Project as well as the RGOB annual approved budget.

Reported by: Phurpa Tshering. (Assist. DLO) and Tshegay Norbu (LPO).

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