Inviting Requisition for RNR Extension Manual 2015 (Diary)

The Information and Communication Services (ICS) proposed separate printing budget of RNR Extension Manual (Diary) considering its importance. However, the proposed budget was not considered by the Ministry of Finance for the fiscal year 2014-2015.


ICS has tendered printing of 5000 copies of RNR Extension Manual at Nu. 76/- for printing of a copy. However, if the required number decreases from 5000 copies, the rate may go up depending on the total number of copies to be printed.


Please note that ICS will assist in designing and printing of actual number of Extension Manual required for respective departments/agencies. However, the actual required printing cost for the same should be borne by the agencies concerned. Therefore, ICS would appreciate if all the departments/agencies could kindly furnish their requirement of Extension Manual with the status of availability of printing fund for the same latest by 31 October 2014.

Incase of non-availability of printing fund with departments/agencies requiring Extension Manual, soft copy in PDF version will be made available on our Ministry’s website.


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