Interview result for the post of Chiefs, DoL & DoFPS

Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the result for the post of Chief Forestry Officer (P1 A), Department of Forests and Park Service and Chief Feed and Fodder Officer (P1A), Department of Livestock, MoAF

  1. Chief Feed & Fodder Officer, Animal Nutrition Division, DoL




NameEIDPosition Title/LevelCurrent Job LocationQualificationInterview Marks Obtained (%)Remarks



Dr. Chenga Tshering200201123Dy. Chief Dzongkhag Livestock Officer, P2 AParo DzongkhagBVSc & AH + PhD ( Veterinary Medicine)80.26%Not selected



Kuenga Namgay2001024Dy. Chief Planning Officer, P2 APPD, MoAFMaster of Science in Animal Science & Aquaculture +PhD (Social Science )85.22%Selected



  1. Chief Forestry Officer, DoFPS 
S1#NameEIDPosition Title/LevelCurrent Job LocationProposed Place of PostingInterview Marks Obtained (%)Remarks
1Karma Tenzin2101012Dy. Chief Forestry OfficerFPEDWangdue Division77.96%Selected
2Tshering Tempa200401061Dy. Chief Forestry OfficerUWICE, BumthangPNP, Ura0.00Withdrawn
3Kinzang Gyeltshen9410071Dy. Chief Forestry OfficerBumthang DivisionBumthang Division85.24%Selected
4Dimple Thapa200501104Dy. Chief Forestry OfficerFRMD, ThimphuTsirang Division73.95%Selected


Human Resource Division

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