Internship programme in Israel

The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce 10 slots for undergoing internship programme in Israel. The details of the internship programme is below:

  1. Country :           Israel
  2. Start date :           15/09/2019
  • End date :           08/09/2020
  • Duration :           11 months

 Eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a Bhutanese National;
  2. Must have Bachelors of Agriculture Science or Diploma in Agriculture Science or Class XII Science pass (preference shall be given to candidates with highest academic qualification for the purpose of shortlisting, remaining unfilled slots will be given to next lower level of qualification);
  3. Minimum age requirement is 20 and Maximum age is 30;
  4. Only males;
  5. All the students understand the program involved and are capable of hard work in the 
  6. All the students be able read, write and speak English and learn the theoretical studies in English;
  7. The students are in good health and will pass the medical clearance;
  8. Students should be able to bear airfare (to & fro) from their savings in Israel;
  9. The students will do the internship in the areas of: dairy, flowers, citrus, vegetables, 
avocado and any other areas as determined by the Agrostudies Limited.
  10. The candidates will be shortlisted ands selected based on merit raking of the academic mark;
  11. Not availed internship programme in Israel earlier; and
  12. 10 candidates with highest academic marks will be selected besides fulfilling other required documents.
  13. In addition, the candidates should submit the following documents:
  14. Academic marks;
  15. Copy of CID;
  16. Valid Security Clearance certificate;
  17. Drug Test certificate.

Interested Bhutanese fulfilling the above criteria may submit application along with the above documents to the HRD on or before 7 August 2019. For more details please contact HRD at 332506 during office hours.





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