International Biodiversity Day celebrated

Launchi of three booksInternational Biodiversity Day is observed every year on 22nd May, and this year’s theme is “Celebrating 25 years of Action for Biodiversity”. The day was observed at the Youth Centre in Thimphu with participations of more than 150 students from schools around Thimphu, and around 50 researchers and official guests from conservation and funding sector. The event is focused on the students to create awareness on the importance of biodiversity. Various poster demonstrations were carried out, which included recently discovered new species to science, new records for the country, Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Policy, herbarium techniques, etc. The event included bioblitz for students around the Ecological Park, and seminars on biodiversity such as bees and wasps, tiger, birds, etc.

During the event four publications by the National Biodiversity Centre were also launched, namely,

  1. Alpine Plants of Bhutan
  2. A Pictorial Guide to Major Invasive Plants of Bhutan
  3. Access and Benefit Sharing Toolkit for Management of Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge
  4. National Biodiversity Centre Vision 2030

The event was jointly organized by National Biodiversity Centre (NBC), WWF-Bhutan, UNDP, RSPN, and National Environment Commission (NEC), with funding support from UNDP and WWF-Bhutan program.



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