Income diversification through pullet production

untitled-1Pemagatshel: The dairy group of Bartseri has initiated the pullet production to diversify income following the awareness program provided by the Livestock Sector. A cost benefit analysis was done and discussed with members on the profitability of pullet production within a short span of time.

The day old chicks were procured from the Regional Poultry and Pig Breeding Centre, Lingmethang at Nu.30/chick to be reared by the group for 42 days and will be sold at Nu.180/chick. All the expenses will be met by the group while the technical support will be provided by the Sector along with a market assurance at the end of the pullet production.

To start with, the group is rearing 2020 numbers and the production capacity will depend on the outcome of the first production. Currently, the group is renting the shed for Nu.3000. They will soon construct their shed with the available approved budget.

The group chairman expressed his happiness over this venture and is hopeful that it will generate a good income for them. The group is the first one to initiate poultry along with the dairy farming. To ensure proper functioning, the farm attendant, Karma will be paid a remuneration of Nu.1,0000/-who feels it is a big challenge. She is determined that with support from the livestock officials and members, this program will gain momentum and benefit the group.

The livestock officials are very optimistic that at the end of every cycle, the group will be able to save at least Nu. 1,30, 000/- (One lakh thirty thousands) for their group account. The initiative is also expected to help Dzongkhag in achieving the self-sufficiency in pullet requirement.


Submitted by Yonten Dorji, Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital, Pemagatshel

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