Inauguration of new farmers dairy group in Paro

DSC017699 July, Paro: A new farmer’s dairy group called as “Damchena Phuensum Omgi Detsuen” is being inaugurated at Dopshari geog. The Chief Guest of the occasion, Dasho Dzongrab highlighted on the importance of cooperation among the group members and stressed on the need to work as a team to address community problems and conflicts. According to the Dzongkhag Livestock Officer, the 60 households of Damchena mostly depend on livestock farming as their main source of income. Therefore, the group is being formed to assist the farmers of Damchena to enhance dairy milk production and establish proper formal marketing channel for their fresh milk. The fresh milk will be sold to the customers through Youth Business Cooperative’s farm outlets in Thimphu.

The formation of the group is being supported by National Dairy Development Centre and Regional Livestock Development Centre, Department of Livestock.

Reported by Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Paro 

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