Inauguration of Changkhala Community Forest

DSC006181 January, Lhuentse: His Excellence Hon’ble MoAF Lyonpo inaugurated the Changkhala Lhabshen Karmo Community Forests in Jarey gewog. The community forest covers an area of 155 acres covering two villages Changkhala and wayang with 17 households. The management plan for this community forest is for 10 years, starting from 2012.

While talking to Jarey gup on initiation of the community forest, he basically highlighted on four topics. He said they felt the need of CF due to increasing illegal activity going on in the forest. Secondly he highlighted on the importance of sustainable harvesting of the timber. He said it was very important that they took care of the forestry products for its sustenance to the younger ones. He added that the maintenance of community forest will also ensure water catchment protection and the protection of ecosystem as a whole.

The maintenance of community forest ensured the members easy and timely access to timber when required. The surplus timber is sold and maintained the revenue as CF fund. This CF fund or the seed money can further be used for the development of community and their livelihood.

Coinciding with this occasion hon’ble lyonpo awarded the certificate to the community forest members and Nu. 5, 33, 000/- to Gup as a disaster compensation.

– Reported by Tashi Yangzom, ICS

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