IFAD Missions in Bhutan

Two teams of mission comprising nine members from IFAD arrived Samdrupjongkhar on 15th October. While Project Completion Report (PCR) Validation Mission of MAGIP (Market Access and Growth Intensification Project) will basically be reviewing and validating the Project Completion Report prepared and submitted by PCU MAGIP following IFAD’s PCR guidelines on 30th September 2016, the Supervision Mission for CARLEP (Commercial Agriculture and Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Programme) will broadly assess the overall Programme Progress according to the AWPB and implementation initiatives following its formal launch in March this year.

For CARLEP, this is the 1st Supervision Mission. The mission mainly aims to perform the regular supervisory, accountability and fiduciary responsibilities in line with IFAD’s direct Supervision and Implementation support policies. It also aims to provide support to programme team in identifying and resolving any bottle-neck or emerging issues in the Programme related areas.

The mission and the recipient team from CARLEP and ARDC will be making various field visits to the agricultural selected sites of the six Programme Dzongkhags including Thanrong which is the Climate-Smart Village of Mongar Dzongkhag. The village is selected jointly by Dzongkhag and Geog and it is a part of Targeted Intervention. The visit aims to showcase the Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies, inclusive of permaculture design, Principles and practices and Biogas technologies. Identification of climate-smart village is a pilot initiative of ARDC as a part of Climate-Smart Agriculture Programme under CARLEP IFAD funding.

Tentatively, the mission programme will end on 2nd November 2016 with a wrap-up meeting at Thimphu along with the production of validated PCR for MAGIP and mission Aide Memoire among other outputs.

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