Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo completes visiting all geogs in Dagana

Around 200 farmers came for the meeting at Drujeygang on October 14
Around 200 farmers came for the meeting at Drujeygang on October 14

14-15 October- Dagana: The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Dorji accompanied by senior officials from the Ministry visited Drujeygang, Largyab and Tshangkha geogs in Dagana dzongkhag to understand the ground realties and discuss geog issues and accordingly their solutions.

Around 200 farmers from five chiwogs turned up in Drujeygang on October 14. They raised issues on wild animals such as boars and monkeys for which they were encouraged to install the electric fencing, considered to be the most effective solution in keeping away wild animals. Regarding the bad state of the road, they were informed that the Dzongkhag has now been provided with an excavator and a backhoe loader each to improve road quality. Relating to markets, they were encouraged to work in groups for better market opportunities. They also raised issues on irrigation, agriculture loans, cardamom and pesticides for which necessary information were provided.

One of the Largyab farmers sharing a communication network problem
One of the Largyab farmers sharing a communication network problem

At Largyab, around 80 farmers from Kompa, Sipa, Bana, Thasa and Balung villages gathered to meet Lyonpo on October 15. Issues related to wild animals, irrigation, agriculture loan, forest and communication network were discussed. One of the farmers from Kompa village requested for a wooden cardamom dryer which the Ministry agreed to provide after carrying out a feasibility study. Cardamom is the main cash crop for farmers in this geog. Considering the water problem in Sipa, they will be provided with water pipes to help them gear towards vegetable production. On network issues, the team assured that the relevant offices would be asked for solutions.

The farmers were also informed that a fuel depot and machinery hiring services will be put in place in future to ease their related inconvenience. During discussion, Lyonpo encouraged farmers to take up poultry farming for additional nutrition and income. He also assured that interested farmers will be provided day old chicks free of cost.

Cardamom is the main cash crop for Largyab farmers followed by maize and paddy while some also rear livestock. According to the agriculture extension supervisor, the geog covering 202 households produced around 150 MT of cardamom during 2016-2017. It has around 200 and 550 acres of wetlands and dry lands receptively.

Following this, Lyonpo met with around 150 farmers in Tshangkha. Farmers there raised issues related to water and road which at some places is very poor to pass through during monsoon. They also requested for extension of the on-going farm road construction in Salamji for which Lyonpo shared to see the feasibility after its completion. Although, the geog has potential for agriculture farming, water remains the major problem. The Ministry has ensured to provide water pipes as one of the solutions. As alternative options, farmers were advised to construct a reservoir or buy syntax.

The agriculture extension officer in Drujeygang tries out the power tiller
The agriculture extension officer of Drujeygang trying out the power tiller

The usage of a power tiller was also demonstrated to farmers of Drujeygang and Largyab. Lyonpo handed over a power tiller each to the geogs of Drujeygang, Largyab, Tshangkha, Gesarling, Khebisa and Dorona to help boost agriculture production and enhance farmers’ income. The power tiller will also help to bring down the problem associated with acute farm labour shortage and fallow land under cultivation easily.

During the meetings, Lyonpo highlighted some of the opportunities in the Ministry that will be beneficial for farmers and ensured to provide necessary support on the same. He also urged them to be responsible in managing the beautiful resources they have for better benefits.

With this tour, Lyonpo has now completed visiting all 14 geogs under Dagana.





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