Hon’ble Lyonpo meets Agriculture Staff and farmers at RDC Bajo and Nahi

HE Lyonpo meet with four dzongkhag Agriculture extension officer at Bajo
HE Lyonpo met with the four Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers and Extension agents at Bajo

30 April, 2016: Bajo– A general meeting took place between the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forests and the four District Agriculture Officers and geog agriculture extension officers of the four Dzongkhags of Wangdue, Punakha, Gasa and Trongsa.

Lyonpo was happy with the progress and achievement seen during the MTR of 11th FYP. He emphasised on the high value with low volume crops to be promoted. A plan to reduce fallow land by initiating a system of providing price premium to wetland production by the government was expressed. The deliberation touched on producing agriculture crops based on market availability, farm shop to support marketing of agriculture produces, need to change the diet of the Bhutanese people, organic agriculture and composting, mushroom production by selling incubated logs, increasing use of plastic film technologies, requirement of monitoring by EAs on construction and renovation works of agriculture infrastructures such as farm road, irrigation channel, RNR centre constructions, etc.

Handing over of 28 nos power tailler to Geog agri.extension agent
Handing over of 28 nos. power tillers to the geog Agriculture Extension agents

On May 1, handing taking of Power tillers to geogs agriculture extension officers took place by the the Minister of Agriculture and Forests who was joined by the Minister of Health at RNR RDC, Bajo. 28 sets of power tillers were distributed to the 15 geogs of Wangdue, 11 geogs of Punakha and 2 geogs of Trongsa Dzongkhag. In the afternoon AMC did a mini power tiller demonstration for the four dzongkhags agricultural extension officers and 30 farmers at Nyachegenkha village under Rubesa geog.

The Ministers also visited Nabesa Chewog under Nahi geogs and met with public and discussed various issues. On the request of connecting Nahi to Thimphu with construction of a farm road, the Dzongkhag and geog is to avail all necessary clearances and start construction using the CMU excavator machine using the GDG budget. Discussions were also made on shifting of school and BHU in Nahi geog.

Compiled and photograph by Choidup Zangpo

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