His Excellency Sanam Lyonpo visits East

H.E Lyonpo inaugurated Phuntshothang Commercial Farm

19 February – 4 March, 2019: His Excellency Sanam Lyonpo paid visit to Eastern region and also met with the RNR Field offices in Samdrup Jongkhar, Pemagatshel, Trashigang, Mongar and Trongsa.

Sanam Lyonpo also visited the field sites of the two SOEs; Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL) in Phuntshothang and Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation Limited (BLDCL) in Samrang.

Discussions and fruitful interactions were made with the field staffs on major issues requiring interventions which is being shared with the departments and SOEs for further actions.

Sanam Lyonpo also made a one day visit to Tangsibji Hydroelectric Project (THyEP), in Trongsa. The visit to THyEP was essential because the entire project site is within Tangsibji Geog, Nubi Tangsibji Constituency and as the elected Member of Parliament of this constituency; Sanam Lyonpo felt it is of utmost importance to know the project details and progress. On the way to Wangdue,  Sanam Lyonpo visited Tashangkha/ Tangshibji village and met with farmers and discussed about 100 acres of land which was left without cultivation for about 20 years due to Human wild life conflict and water scarcity. Lyonpo instructed FMCL/ Dzongkhag Administration to come out with project proposal for Horticulture and vegetable demonstration site. This project will benefit 20 Household at Tsangkha and 50 Household at Tangsibji village. The project will be led by FMCL in collaboration with Trongsa Dzongkhag Administration.

Lyonpo visited Mountain Hazelnut Center, Yadi, Mongar

His Excellency also gave the opening remarks at the RNR Extension Conference held on the 27th February 2019 in Mongar for the Eastern Region and on the 4th March 2019 in Lobesa held for the West and West Central Region.

The opening remarks of Sanam Lyonpo emphasised on the importance of holding such conferences where in all extension staffs can come together to plan their activities in consultation, collaboration and integration with each other. Sanam Lyonpo mentioned that such forum will help avoid duplication of effort and save resources and at the same assist/supplement each others’ activities to achieve the maximum output. Sanam Lyonpo also advised the forum that taking opportunity of the two days event participants should identify potential production areas, discuss on strategies required to achieve the maximum potential. Marketing of the local produces should be taken care of in the School Feeding Program.

Sanam Lyonpo advised that we all work in close collaboration and integration so that the objectives we have set in the 12 FYP could be achieved to the fullest and that we will be able to fulfill our food security and self sufficiency targets.

Compiled by PPD & ICTD, MoAF with Photo by Choidup Zangpo, ICTD

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