Himalayan Black Bear successfully rescued and released

Untitled23 December 2014: The Rescue team rushed to Zabasa village in Kabisa gewog under Punakha Dzongkhag to rescue the Himalayan Black bear which was trapped in the cable snare set up by Ap Wangdi. Ap Wangdi had set up the cable snare to protect his calves and chickens from predation by the Himalayan Black Bear which has been visiting his place quite frequently. The bear got entangled in the snare at 2:00 AM on 23 December 2014.

Ap Wangdi informed the forestry extension office of Kabisa about the incident and requested for help. The extension agent immediately called the rescue team of the Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section of the Wildlife Conservation Division and requested for the rescue and relocation of the trapped bear.

The rescue team comprising of four members rushed to the spot and reached the site at 1:00 pm. The bear was sedated using tranquilizing drugs and was set free from the snare. The villagers helped the rescue team in lifting the bear and placing it in crate box. Detail examination of the bear was carried out.



Detail measurement of Himalayan Black bear.

Sex: Female

Age: Approximately 5-6 year old

Total body length: 59″

Neck girth: 25″

Total body weight: 88kgs

Fore Height: 26″

Hind Height: 28″

Fore Paws: 4″x5″

Hind Paws: 4″x7″


After careful examination, the team did not find any injures on the body of the bear. The sedated bear was revived using Trexnol and was successfully released back in the wild. With the release of the bear, the WRAHS has rescued, released and rehabilitated nine bears starting from January 2014 till date.


Submitted by: Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section, Wildlife Conservation Division, DoFPS

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