Himalayan Black Bear rescued in Wang Semu this morning

untitledSeptember 8, 2016, Thimphu: A 110 kg male Himalayan Black bear entangled in its right forelimb and waist was rescued this morning from an apple orchard in Wang Simu, Thimphu.  The bear was reported to have been entangled in a snare set on the barbed wire fence that circumambulates an apple orchard.

Rescue officials found the bear caught in the snare made out of electric high tension wire. “We had to cut the locally made snare into several pieces, to set free the bear,” said Tsencho tshering, one of the team members who rescued the ensnared bear.

 The Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section under the Wildlife Conservation Division Taba were alerted of the ensnared bear in the early hours of today. “The Rescue team immediately rushed to site and reached the spot around 8 in the morning.” The team, upon reaching the spot, immediately sprang into action and carried out the sedation activity for ease of setting bear free.

According to the rescue team, the rescue operation took them around three hours. The rescue team said that sedation took little longer than expected. They attributed such unusual bear response to the sedatives to the thick fat deposition on its body, which is difficult for the dart to piece. “This is one such problem the rescue officials quite often face in rescuing the animals,” the rescue officials submitted.

 However, they were able to successfully get rid of the snares and set the bear free and release back into its habitat, hale and healthy.

Reported by: Ugyen Tshering, ICS

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