Hedge plantations carried out along Thimphu – Babesa expressway divider

A50X294227 July 2015, Thimphu: In commemoration of the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests carried out 6.2 kms hedge plantation along the divider of whole stretch of Thimphu – Babesa expressway last Friday, on 24 July 2015.

Some 600 Ministry’s staffs based in Thimphu planted around 30,000 seedlings consisting of Jasminum, Forsythia, Ceratostigma and Hypericum species which were raised by National Biodiversity in Serbithang. The design of plantation was done in triangular with Jasminum planted in two rows with other species in single row. The 10 plots of Jasminum was interspersed with one plot of other species.

The hedge plantation after completion, later that day, was handed over to Thimphu Thromde. At the formal handing over, Hon’ble Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji, Agricultue and Forests Minister said that this is a befitting tribute to the special occasion of fourth Druk Gyalpo’s sixtieth birth anniversary. He informed that the Ministry has initiated series of plantations in places such as Lungtenphu, Kuenselphodrang, along Thimphu – Paro highway and several other places. He also expressed his appreciation to the participants, stating that such congregation is exemplary.

Speaking in the same line, the Hon’ble Secretary, Dasho Tenzin Dhendup said this is also part and parcel of Bhutan Green Project to commemorate fourth Druk Gyalpo’s sixtieth birth anniversary. Specifically, he said, the hedge plantation will serve several other purposes contributing to the greenery, beautification and aesthetic value of the city.

Driving along expressway is expected to be safer since the hedge plantation, when grown to appropriate height, will function as good divider. The hedge will especially block the headlight from the opposite traffic temporarily blinding the commuters.

However, the common concern shared was about its maintenance especially protecting from the stray cattle and the irresponsible city residents. To this end, Thimphu Thomde has put up announcements in media requesting everyone to refrain from damaging the plantation. The Ministry also earnestly appeals everyone not to spoil rather help maintain the plantation.

Reported by: Ugyen Tshering with photograph by Choidup Zangpo, ICS

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