GIS training underway in Wangdue Forest Division

Workshop in Progress
Workshop in Progress

22 Dec, 2014, Wangdue: The four-day GIS training begun in Wangdue Forest Division today with the main objective behind to help field foresters to understand the forest science and its application in sustainable forest management planning processes since the technology profoundly impacted the management of forest resources. The training was formally opened by Mr. Tashi Dendup, Offtg. Chief Forestry Officer.

In his opening remarks he highlighted that GIS has many applications in various fields today and it enables to bring information together from multiple sources so that various types of work can be done within fraction of time. He mentioned that, many government, forestry organisations and agencies today utilise geospatial technology such as GIS satellite imagery for various applications supporting analysis, assessment, and management of our forests. He also pointed out that, GIS has had a profound influence on geography and will continue to be used in the future as it allows people to efficiently answer questions and solve problems.

Meanwhile, some of the participants expressed their feelings that it is crucial for them to have a good understanding of the spatial technologies used for extracting forest management information and their potential applications. Another forester expects to learn how to manage information related to topography, site documentation, and aerial photography. As such, 14 foresters from various forest range offices and forest managements units under the Division is actively undergoing the training.

– Compiled by Tashi Dendup, Offtg. CFO

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