Gewog Agriculture Statistics (GAS 2018)

Gewog Agriculture Statistics (GAS) provides disaggregated information of gewog level agriculture production statistics based on the RNR Census 2019. The GAS is important as it provides detailed information to enhance our understanding of the gewog agriculture operations of the holdings in the country. It presents information that will enhance the evidence-based decisions to develop and implement effective policies and programs related to RNR sector in the country. The release covers the information pertaining to land and land use, crops cultivated by small scale holders (farmers) and their production by gewog in the country. This data also serves as the benchmark information for RNR sector which are essential for economic development planning purposes and to provide a frame for follow-up surveys in future. Bhutanese farming population predominantly practice mixed cropping growing a large variety of crops. The RNR Census 2019 recorded 11 cereals, 9 oilseeds and legumes, 5 roots and tubers, 20 vegetables and 28 fruits or permanent crops.

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