Fresh milk for Punakha

Dasho Dzongdag awarding the group registration certificateAugust 6, Punakha: With the inauguration of fresh milk marketing by the Woku-Damtshi and Sirigang Dairy Farmer Group (DFG), people in Punakha will now be able to enjoy fresh milk daily. The day was inaugurated by Punakha Dzongdag, Dasho Karma Dukpa.

During the inauguration, Dasho mentioned that there is an increasing demand of fresh milk in market with a high marketing scope. He said it is important that the farmers should maintain the quality and work in cohesion to sustain the group initiatives. On the day, Dasho also awarded the group registration certificates to the group.

The DFG have 41 members working collectively to produce and market fresh milk, which they collects from Woku-Damtshi and Sirigang areas and market in Khuruthang town. The daily milk collections of 80 litres are sold by the members supplying it through door-to-door service. The marketing of fresh milk at its initial stage is the first of its kind in Punakha.

The DFGs was formed in 2011 but had remained dormant till date besides their group saving scheme. The Dzongkhag Livestock Sector in collaboration with the Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC), Wangdue and National Dairy Development Centre, Yusipang had provided the group members with training on group formation, hygienic milk production along with basic milking equipments. The members are now committed to continue the marketing initiative and increase their milk production over the years. They will supply clean and hygienic milk to consumers for consumption and help to reduce the import of milk and dairy products in the Dzongkhag while also enhancing their income.

The Dzongkhag Administration will further explore the possibility to support group in finding an appropriate place to locate their sale counter. They will also discuss and explore possibilities to improve their packaging methods which need coordination among the agencies also to help group development.

Submitted by RLDC, Wangdue and Dzongkhag Livestock sector, Punakha

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