“Fresh milk a pride and power of dairy farmers at Whooling”

Fresh milk marketing a new experience for whooling Dairy Group

On the 2nd of May 2014, commemorating the birth anniversary of our 3rd Druk Gyelpo, Jigme Dorji Wanchuk, the dairy farmers of Whooling under Orong Geog has eventually materialized their success in exploring the open market for fresh milk like any other dairy groups in the region. The Whooling Dairy Group was formed back in 2011, consisting of 54 active members dominated by females.  Since then the group has been operating successfully in its small way and at a particular time, the group had no choice other than to supply their fresh milk to Orong dairy cooperatives under inevitable grounds.

 The group started with production of about 272 litres of fresh milk daily with which they can make some profit out of it and at least benefit the members. As of now, with the arrival of new milk marketing van (Mahindra Bolero) very recently, the group has eventually managed to flow their fresh milk in the open markets of S/jongkhar town and stretches as far as neighboring Indian borders of Assam.   With the increasing demand for the fresh milk, the competition for every ML of milk get its popularity while quality and safety  is guaranteed  and assured by the regulating authority before it goes out to actual market.Untitled

Once the Mandar Dairy group is formed officially, the production and flow of fresh milk to market is expected to increase to 500- 600litres daily. The Mandar village is one chiwog consisting of 60H/Hs under Jangchubling Tshogpa and is located at the province of Whooling Dairy Association plying through the same farm road network for any farming business. It is a new entry dairy group that the sector had initiated looking at the rising interest of the farmers as a whole and remoteness of its location. ‘It is definite that the Mandar dairy group will be merged to Whooling Dairy Cooperative, said the Chairman, Whooling Dairy Group,”

UntitledBack in the village, the dairy farmers of Whooling community have achieved good amount of pride and confident for the honey (liquid gold) they have eventually harvested for better income generation. The farmers have now committed themselves to work in hand through all time under the blessings of Livestock Department and other relevant stakeholders.

Fulltime support and cooperation is well assured by the sector in the interest of the dairy development in the region.

Reported by Samdrupjongkhar Gonor

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