Four new Butterfly species recorded

A team from UWICE had conducted a Butterfly survey in Darla, Lhamoizingkha and Phuntsholing area recently. Karma Wangdi, who led the team recorded four new additional species of Butterflies to Bhutan. The new records are:

Scobura isota -Khasi Forest Bob,
Niphanda cymbia- Pointed Perrot,
Horaga viola – Brown Onyx
Horaga Syrinx- Ambon Onyx (Female)

Mr. Karma Wangdi, lepidopterist with UWICE has confirmed the additional species in the family of Lycaenidae (Blues) & Hesperiidae (Skipper). According to him, Bhutan now has 177 species of Lycaenidae and 145 species of Hesperiidae, adding to a total of 732 butterfly species in the country.

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Pointed Pierrot
Pointed Perrot

Brown Onyx
Brown Onyx

Khasi Forest Bob
Khasi Forest Bob

Ambon Anyx
Ambon Onyx



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