Foresters successfully complete Arms Training at Tencholing

foresters22 May 2017, Wangdue: For the last two weeks, getting only a few hours of sleep, getting charred by the sweltering sun, wallowing in the dust, shouting their lungs out, stamping their feet almost to the breaking point, 112 Foresters underwent the intensive arms training at the Royal Bhutan Army Training Centre at Tencholing in Wangdue.

The 112 foresters successfully completed their rigorous arms training at Tencholing on 20 May 2017. The closing ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji; accompanied by Kinley Tshering, Offtg. Director of the Department of Forest and Park Services; Chief Forestry Officer of the Thimphu Division and other officials.

While congratulating them, the Hon’ble Lyonpo said all these useful skills acquired must be used for effective protection, conservation and management of our natural resources. The Forestry uniform, Hon’ble Lyonpo reminded, is a special gift from His Majesty the Drukgyal Zhipa. “So you must accord it the utmost respect,” advised Lyonpo, adding that it must be not only worn properly but also with big pride. Hon’ble Lyonpo also thanked the Military Training Centre for all the supports rendered. Outlining the need for all foresters to be equally fit and agile, Hon’ble Lyonpo said foresters also must try to participate in marathons both at national and international levels.

The 112 trainees, in the last two weeks underwent extensive training on conducting effective patrolling to best nab the culprits. They were also trained not only on setting up ambushes but also to escape if the team is ambushed by enemies. Recalling the incidences of foresters in the past getting blown up by Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), the demonstration were provided on how to identify potential site of implanted IEDs and escape unhurt. They were also trained on concealment and  camouflage tactics.

Warming up before practical lessons
Warming up before practical lessons

During the training, they had class as well as practical firing of RBA’s all infantry weapons. “In terms of drill, they were taught exhaustively, starting from day one on the correct wearing of the  beret (cap) to fastening their shoelaces,” said the Training Officer, Major Dorji Lotey. They were also thoroughly trained on physical fitness and agility. In addition, numerous sport competitions were held aimed at inculcating team spirit amongst them.

The trainees were all positive about the training. One of the trainees, Kelly T. Dorji of Thimphu Division echoed them saying that he appreciated the true value of the uniform from the training. “The training made me realise that the uniform is not an entitlement but something to be earned, which is sacred that needs to be respected for its sanctity,” said Kelly. Another trainee, Karma Choki of Sarpang Division said that the two weeks training tailored her from a lax office goer to a well organised and disciplined personnel while the training radically changed Sapna Sunwar of Trashigang division for the better. For Gyem Tshewang of Pemagatshel Division, it was a most rewarding and fulfilling training. “We learned many technical aspect of our profession but it is rare we get to learn the military aspect,” said Gyem, which according to him is a crucial part and could be a life saver. “We operate almost like military personnel but we were never, before such training at Tencholing, introduced to this aspect,” said Gyem Tshewang.

Led by Hon’ble Lyonpo, all gathered observed  a minute of silence to pay respect and homage to the two forest officials who recently lost their lives in a fatal accident at Trashiyangtse.

Reported by: Ugyen Tshering, FIMS, FRMD, DoFPS



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