Food safety awareness program underway

The program participants in Trashiyangtse
The program participants in Trashiyangtse

January 26-27: The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) with financial support from the World Food Program is conducting the Food safety awareness program in 11 Dzongkhags covering 167 schools having school feeding program.

The one day program will be attended by 334 teacher mess in-charges and school head cooks.

The main objective of the program is to create awareness on food safety and hygiene procedures to be adopted in order to ensure that safe meals are served at all times in the schools.

The program will impart basic skills and knowledge in food safety to strengthen the capacity of the food handlers involved in feeding program. This will help them to adopt and promote food safety requirements in the production, handling, storage and transport of foods.

Through the program, the attendees who play crucial roles in ensuring food safety in the schools are expected to acquire uniform skills and knowledge in basic food safety and food hygiene. They are also expected to adopt good hygienic and manufacturing practices to contribute towards safe food for the school children.

The program is conducted by the respective BAFRA Dzongkhag offices in the eastern and some of the remote Dzongkhags as detailed below:

Sl. NoDzongkhagIdentified Schools  with feeding programParticipants
6Tashi Yangtse1530


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