Food Handlers Licenses to Street Food vendors in Thimphu

Opening Remarks by Hon'ble Lyonpo
Opening Remarks by Hon’ble Lyonpo

16 May, Thimphu. His Excellency Hon’ble  MoAF Lyonpo awarded food handlers licenses to 42 street food vendors out of more than 200 trained food handlers during last two weeks by Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority(BAFRA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forest to motivate street food vendors to comply  with good food hygiene and manufacturing practices.

During the event at Centenary Farmer’s Market conference hall, Hon’ble MoAF Lyonpo expressed his concern for the cleanliness of street foods as the street food vendors in Bhutan were mostly uneducated or unaware of the importance of food safety and the need for good food handling practices. Thus Hon’ble Lyonpo expressed his appreciation towards organizing such a training to educate and create awareness amongst the street food vendors and stated “I hope that the food vendors who have successfully attended the training will enthusiastically put into practice the good food handling and manufacturing practices learnt during the training to meet the quality and safety of street foods in Bhutan.”

Hon'ble Lyonpo and BAFRA ED at the event
Hon’ble Lyonpo and BAFRA ED at the event

 Hon’ble Lyonpo highlighted that in recent years Bhutan has assumed important cultural, economic and social dimensions in its street food like any other developing country. He also added that the street food business will have a significant economical potential to generate employment for the unskilled and unemployed section of society and at the same time increasing the availability of food at affordable prices with its own unique flavors, variety, convenience and nutritional significance capturing the different ethnicity of the country.  The event also covered the awarding of street food vendors with their food handler’s License along with safety attires like disposable food-grade plastic gloves and mouth covers. Similar training and awarding of food vendors licenses will be carried out in different Dzongkhags as well.

Reported by Tashi Yangzom, ICS

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