Fodder plantation held in Phuentsholing geog

UntitledJune 2, Chukha: Coinciding with the Social Forestry Day on June 2, the National Centre for Animal Nutrition (NCAN) in collaboration with the Regional Livestock Development Centre, Tsimasham and the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Chukha carried out fodder plantation under the ‘Contract fodder grower program’ for the dairy farmers in Phuentsholing geog. The program was started to mark the importance of the day and continued till June 7.

The opening was attended by the geog gup, mangmi, Chukha Dzongkhag Livestock Officer and members of the Phuentsholing Gonor Chetuen Tshogpa (Dairy group) among others.

More than 18 acres of registered land un-suitable for crop cultivation was brought under the improved pasture. The program included the planting of fodder tree saplings, improved Napier plantation and sowing of improved grass and legume seeds.

The program helped the farmer to convert their unproductive land into improved pasture so that they can increase milk yield to earn good cash income for their livelihood since majority of the farmers here are solely dependent on dairy farming. Such plantation program will also help the farmers in the area to conserve their rapidly degrading land from soil erosion and landslides.

The NCAN supported free seeds/seedlings, fencing materials, labour cost and conducted farmers’ awareness trainings as a package.

The dairy farmers will be supported with silage making techniques in the coming financial year with the excess green grass to conserve green fodder for the lean seasons. It is expected that the farmers in the area will have quality fodder for their dairy cows round the year so that they continue to supply milk consistently to the collection centre and their milk processing unit.

Submitted by NCAN, Bumthang


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