First National Organic Board meeting held

22 July, Thimphu: The first National Organic Board meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Agriculture Secretary, Dasho Rinzin Dorji to discuss the implementation status of National Organic Flagship Programme (NOFP).

NOFP is a cross sectoral program requiring strong alliance and coordination. It will operate within the broad framework of two tier modalities (i) The National Organic Board (NOB) (ii) The National Working Group (NWG). NOB is the highest decision making body for the organic flagship program.

The board members are the heads from the Department of Public Health, Department of Trade, Department of National Budget, Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock, Department of Forest and Park Services, BAFRA, DAMC and GNHC. The board also has a high-level representative from Tarayana Foundation and Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The board was presented with an overview of NOFP along with an update on the implementation and annual work plan and budget for 2019-2020. The meeting also discussed various issues such as implementation arrangements, new staffs requirement for programme implementation and annual work plan and budget for implementation of the planned activities.

The National Organic Flagship Coordination Unit under the Department of Agriculture organised the meeting.


Submitted by National Organic Flagship Programme

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