First batch of farmers trained on Turkey farming

The trained farmers who will begin a business in turkey meat
The trained farmers who will begin business in turkey meat

2-3 April, Sarpang: The National Poultry Development Centre (NPDC), Sarpang in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector conducted a two day training on Turkey farming and its general management for the first time in the country. A total of thirty-three farmers from the four geogs of Dekiling, Gelephu, Gakidling and Shompangkha took part in the training.

The training focused mainly on introducing the farmers to general management aspects of Turkey along with how to go about house design, site selection, feeding practice and processing, and value addition of the Turkey meat.

During the training, farmers were also informed about the lucrative future business prospect of Turkey meat both within and outside the country. They were also briefed on some of the strategies that the Department of Livestock is embarking to ensure a smooth transition from an on farm trial to farmer’s level.

To kick start with, NPDC is targeting around 60 farmers from Sarpang, Tsirang and Samtse with a goal to produce 1MT Turkey meat by the end of 2014. By the end of 11th Five Year Plan, NPDC is targeting to produce 10MT Turkey meat and around 200 farmers rearing the birds in the field. In order to realise this targets and goals, under the direction of the Department, NPDC has already established a Turkey breeding farm at Relangthang to rear breeder parent stock for day-old poults production.

Submitted by Dr. Karma Wangdi, NPDC

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