Field Day: Harvesting of Upland Paddy and Soyabean at Minjay Geog

Dasho Dzongda and Director inaugurates harvesting.
Dasho Dzongda and Director inaugurates harvesting.

27 October 2017, Lhuentse: A Field Day on Upland Paddy and Soyabean was held on 23 october, 2017, at Minjay Geog in Lhuentse. It was attended by the Lhuentse Dzongdag and the Director of MoA and PD from ARDC and CARLEP.

With the first ever harvest of chili from the site, yet another second reaping on 23 October from His Majesty’s pilot project, URS, with the upland paddy and soya bean about 3 acre and 0.65 acre respectively. With support from Wengkhar, ARDC and Dzongkhag Agriculture sector, the field day was organised.

The day was organised with the intervention of modern harvesting (paddy cutter) and old based sickle harvesting. Similarly, Paddy paddle thresher and old practice of thrashing at stone was demonstrated to replicate and use of simple new technology which at least could broadcast the differences between new and old practices. The presence of 16 youth from Minjay village has been engaged in farming about 15 acre since March 8, 2017 and harvest of upland paddy and soya bean remarks second harvest from the site. As per the upland paddy crop cut, 768 kg/acre is estimated yield. Yet another harvest of Cole crops from 0.70 acre on verge of harvest.

-Compiled by  Pema Khandu, Agriculture extension,  Minjay geog, Lhuentse


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